Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Save the Earth—Eat a Conservative White Guy

A new study indicates that Conservative White Males (CWMs) are far more likely to deny climate change than the rest of us. Here are some of the findings from on analysis of Gallup surveys from 2000 to 2010:
  • Only 14% of the general public “doesn’t worry about climate change at all,” but 39% of CWMs don’t worry about it
  • 32% of adults deny there is a scientific consensus on climate change, yet 59% of CWMs deny the scientific facts.
  • 30% of adults don’t believe that recent global temperature increases are primarily caused by human activity, but 60% CWMs feel that way.
Some other reasons why eating CWMs instead of a vegan diet is better for the planet:
  • CWMs tend to support deregulation of business, which increase environmental damage, pollution and workplace injuries
  • CWMs like to drive gas guzzling trucks and Hummers
  • CWMs support an expanded military, which is perhaps the single most polluting sector of the government
  • CWMs eat a lot of meat, which uses up to 10 times more water than vegetables and releases considerable amounts of greenhouse gases
  • CWMs love expensive plastic toys imported from distant lands with large carbon footprints

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