Friday, October 19, 2012

Today in Labor History—October 19

October 19, 1858 –B.O. [Benjamin Orange] Flower (1858-1918) was born on this date. His study of slum conditions in Boston led to new laws to help the poor.

October 19, 1889 – The first nationwide school strike against corporal punishment began on this date in Hawick, Roxborough, Scotland and quickly spread across the lowlands then to Tyneside and then to London, Bristol & Cardiff .

October 18, 1987 – The "Black Monday" stock market crash began on this date, with the Dow Jones index dropping a record 508 points — 22.6% — after hitting a record high of 2722.42 on August 25. European, Japanese, & Canadian stock markets were also dramatically affected.

(All from the Daily Bleed)

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