Friday, May 24, 2013

Today in Labor History—May 24

Anti-conscription parade at Victoria Square, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 24, 1917 – Mass anti-draft demonstrations occurred in Montreal, Quebec. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1921 – The trial of anarchist labor organizers Sacco & Vanzetti began on this day. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1941 –Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) was born. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1943 –A march against anti-Semitism in Bulgaria led to the cessation of Jewish deportations. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1949 –UAW labor leader Victor Reuther was shot and nearly killed at his Detroit home by police. His brother Walter had previously survived an attempted abduction in April 1938, a shotgun attack in 1948 and a bombing in 1949. He ultimately died in a plane crash in 1970, though curiously only one newspaper speculated that it might have been an assassination. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1961 – Freedom Riders were arrested immediately after arriving in Jackson, Mississippi. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1973 – An 11-day strike began at the state prison in Lucasville, Ohio. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1980 – Hundreds were arrested in the occupation of Seabrook, New Hampshire, nuclear power plant construction site. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1982 – Over 200,000 people participated in massive anti-nuclear demonstration in Tokyo. (From the Daily Bleed)

May 24, 1990 – Earth First! And IWW members Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were bombed in Oakland, California. Police immediately arrested the victims, destroyed evidence, and went on a witch hunt of local activist groups like Earth First! and Seeds of Peace. (From the Daily Bleed)

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