Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What the Hell are Military Recruiters Doing on Campus During Finals (or ever)?

What the Hell are Military Recruiters Doing on Campus During Finals (or ever)?

Having military recruiters on campus during finals is an unnecessary distraction. Students should be studying, meeting with teachers, focusing on school and passing their exams. Typically, schools forbid assemblies, field trips and other interruptions during this time so that students can concentrate on the most important issue: passing their classes.

So why were military recruiters on my school’s campus this week?

Answer: they are vultures who prey upon the insecure and anxious..

Kids are at their most vulnerable right now. Many are having self-doubts, especially those who have struggled all semester and who enter finals week with Ds and Fs. They may be thinking that they lack the self-discipline and organization to succeed in school. They may be wondering whether they have what it takes to get into college or obtain an interesting and well-paying job. They may have additional stresses, too, like financial hardships at home and the seasonal pressure to consume and purchase for the holidays.

In this economy, any job may seem like a good job.

So the vultures swoop in with their fancy dress uniforms (not their fatigues), and all sorts of swag to pass out to kids and they succeed in convincing some of my students that the military is like a sexy video game, but with the added bonus of helping to rid the world of evil. 

The military has no business on high school campuses.
Stay the hell away!

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