Saturday, March 12, 2011

Textile Workers Win Strike--Today in Labor History

March 14, 1912 - Textile manufacturers caved in and conceded most of the demands made by workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The “Bread and Roses” strike was one of the most important labor struggles of the last century as it demonstrated the power of skilled and unskilled workers fighting together.

(From Workday Minnesota)


  1. A little-know fact about this event is that Harvard students were inducted into the state militia to try and break the strike, not the first or last time college students would be used as union busters. Not so different from what Harvard's Program for Educational Policy and Governance, which is affiliated with the Kennedy School of Government and alma mater of Michelle Rhee and other prominent ed deformers, is doing today.

  2. Thanks for the additional info, Michael. Fortunately, the students are mostly on the side of the teachers in Wisconsin.