Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UC Teaching Assistants Win One Against UAW

Earlier this week I reported on teaching assistants at the University of California who were fed up with the arrogance and corruption of their parent union, the United Auto Workers (UAW), who they accused of stealing a recent union election. When it looked like the opposition caucus Academic Workers for a Democratic Union (AWDU) might win the election, the UAW old guard called off the count and fled, leaving the ballots from UCLA and UC Berkeley (a AWDU stronghold) uncounted. Members of AWDU then occupied the headquarters of UAW Local 2865 to demand a fair election.

According to Labor Notes the election committee has now agreed to resume the vote count on Thursday, with a neutral mediator in attendance as a safeguard to ensure a fair count. However, AWDU members say they will continue their sit-in through the count, while UCLA members have set up a live webcam to monitor the abandoned ballots, as well as a Facebook page for the Abandoned Ballot Boxes.

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