Monday, March 5, 2012

ACLU to Support Parents Who Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Opting out of standardized exams is legal in many states and a great way to push for their abolition. However, many parents rightly fear retribution against their children by teachers or administrators worried that too many resisters will nullify their test scores.

The ACLU apparently wants to support parents whose children have been penalized or threatened for opting out of testing. They want to hear peoples’ personal stories and have them join in on the ACLU complaint.

For more on this, go to Grumpy Things blog.


  1. Thank you for this information, however, I can not locate this information on the ACLU's main site. After reading much of the NCLB law, it appears that districts and schools are required to administer annual standardized testing gr. 3-8, but there is no language in this federal law stating that students are required to TAKE this test. Further, there does not appear to be any language in the federal law regarding truancy, penalties to students, etc. if students do not sit for their test. So wouldn't it follow that individual states can not supercede federal law, by requiring students to take the test? Your post mentions that many states make opting out legal, but again, federal law supercedes individual states' laws. Could you please post the specifics about this ACLU complaint and contact info. - it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I can't find anything on the ACLU website, but here are references to their lawsuit:

      Big News!!! (March 2012)
      The ACLU is interested in supporting any parents whose children received a penalty/threats for opting out of testing.
      If you want to participate in the complaint please share

      your story
      permission to join in on the ACLU complaint
      your return address
      a signature on a hard copy.

      Submit to: Nina Bishop, 3065 Windward Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
      Questions: 719-233-1508
      If you want your story published on The Innovative Educator blog, email