Friday, December 7, 2012

Today in Labor History—December 7

Antonio Maceo (Wikipedia, public domain)
December 7, 1896 – Antonio Maceo (1848-1896), the "Titan of Bronze" Cuban revolutionary leader, died from wounds after 27 fights in 92 days. (from the Daily Bleed)

December 7, 1896 - The International Union of Operating Engineers was founded. (From Workday Minnesota)

December 7, 1905 – A general uprising began on this date, collapsing 23 days later, with over 1,000 dead. More than 150,000 workers participated in aGeneral Strike as part of the uprising. (from the Daily Bleed)

December 7, 1918 – 100,000 textile workers went on strike in Lancashire, England. (from the Daily Bleed)

December 7, 1928 – Noam Chomsky was born on this date in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
(from the Daily Bleed).
December 7, 1941 - Pearl Harbor was attacked, leading to the U.S. entry into World War II and the second mass slaughter of millions of working people to protect the interests of capital.

December 7, 1949 – The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions was founded, London. (from the Daily Bleed).

December 7, 1995 – Up to 1.75 million striking French workers demonstrated in marches that shut down the country as part of a series of General Strikesagainst government cutbacks & global exploitation of workers. (from the Daily Bleed).

December 7, 2010--Julian Assange was arrested in London and the U.S. declared war on Wikileaks.(from the Daily Bleed).

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