Friday, November 25, 2011

Americans Love Homosexuals and Hate Atheists

According to Harper's Index, 67% of Americans said they would vote for a homosexual candidate for president, while only 49% said they'd vote for an atheist.

So what does this say about Americans?

Considering all the sturm and drang about gay marriage, I find it surprising that so many Americans would support a gay presidential candidate. Then again, the statistic implies that nearly one-third of Americans would NOT vote for a candidate because of his or her sexual orientation, which is still a very high degree of bigotry.

On the other hand, what Americans really love is rich and powerful people. The evidence is that these are the only kinds of people they vote for and who win elections. So who really cares what their race, gender or sexual orientation is, when Americans overwhelmingly and repeatedly support their own subjugation?

This data also reminds us that we live in one of the most religious societies in the world, where belief in god is a far more important qualification than experience, intelligence or compassion.

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