Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today in Labor History—November 13

November 13, 1839 – The first American Anti-slavery party (Liberty Party) was founded. (from the Daily Bleed)
Bloody Sunday, Trafalgar Square, London (public domain)
 November 13, 1887 – Police charged a crowd of unemployed protesters in Trafalgar Square, London, killing three and arresting over 300 in what was to become known as "Bloody Sunday." It also became a turning point in the British struggle for free speech, with William Morris, Edward Carpenter and George Bernard Shaw all speaking out against this repression. (Edward Bellamy a participant?) (from the Daily Bleed)

November 13, 1887 – Over 20,000 workers participated in the funeral march for the Haymarket anarchists framed for throwing the Haymarket bomb. (from the Daily Bleed)
Ruins of the fan building, Cherry Mine Disaster (public domain)
 November 13, 1909 – The Cherry Coal Mine Disaster in Illinois resulted in the deaths of 259 men and boys. (from the Daily Bleed)

November 13, 1914 – A Western Federation of Miners labor strike was crushed by the militia in Butte, Montana. (from the Daily Bleed)

November 13, 1945 – GM workers went on strike, closing 96 plants. (from the Daily Bleed)

November 13, 1970 -- The worst cyclone on record and the deadliest natural disaster of the century hit Bangladesh (then known as East Pakistan). Between 250,000 and 500,00 people were killed in the floods and over a million acres of rice paddies and 800,000 tons of grain were lost, along with one million head of livestock. (from the Daily Bleed)

November 13, 1973 – The fifth state of emergency in three years was declared in response to miners and power workers’ strikes. (from the Daily Bleed)

November 13, 1974 - Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers union activist Karen Silkwood was assassinated during her investigation of a Kerr-McGee nuclear plant in Oklahoma. Her car was run off the road while she attempted to deliver documents to a New York Times reporter. (From Workday Minnesota)

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