Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boycott High Stakes Tests!

What if teachers refused to teach to the test? Answer: students would learn more and probably do better on the tests.

The following is a reposting from This Week in Education:

Thompson: What If They Gave a Test and Nobody Came?

12gallagher Kelly Gallagher's Education Week Commentary, "Why I Will Not Teach to the Test,"  reviewed the harm done to students when teachers capitulate, and "sprint and cover" all of the material that is on the end-of-the-year standardized tests.  What would happen if educators who believe that teach to the test is educational malpractice refused to comply?    Teachers and principals, who do not have a moral objection to this test craze, need not be pressured to change their beliefs.  Principals, who conscientiously object to the scripted instruction that results from excessive testing, should merely be asked to not punish teachers who act on their shared beliefs. Even if it was only a tenth of us who were willing to risk our careers, would they fire us all? - JT

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