Saturday, November 13, 2010

Corrupt Admin Rips Off SFUSD

A group of San Francisco Unified School District administrators, including an associate superintendent, ripped off the district by redirecting tens of thousands of dollars from community organizations into their own pockets. The administrators were part of the Department of Student Support Services, which works with community organizations to provide students with health education, drug abuse counseling and violence prevention. This is no small matter, as the district currently faces a $113 million deficit.

Associate Superintendent, Trish Bascom, is the former head of Student Support Services, and a key suspect in the investigation. For years she controlled the department’s $20 million budget. Bascom was replaced this year by Kevin Truitt, former principal of Mission High School. Truitt had a reputation at Mission of being transparent with budget matters. With all eyes on his new department, everyone will be expecting more transparency.

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