Sunday, January 16, 2011

March = National Month of Actions to Defend Public Education

In March, education activists are challenging each other throughout the country to take part in a month of actions to defend public education. 2011 will see record massive budget cuts as the priorities of this country continue to protect the wealth of the rich on the backs of working people and students. We are being forced to pay more for a lower quality education while the rich complain tell us raising their taxes will kill while unemployment continues to climb. We must fight back!

What we need are jobs, education, and social services - not cuts, unemployment, and tuition hikes!

On March 2nd, the month will be kicked off by actions in California. March 3rd will see students in Arizona take action to defend ethnic studies.

Help kick off the month of actions to defend public education March 1st by setting your status on all your social media status:

March is National Month of Action to Defend Public Education! Kick off tomorrow March 2nd California more info -


  1. March may be to late. My union told us look out next month then we will roll out our teachers are good campaign, I was like um, what about starting that today?

  2. What are they telling you to look out for? What is the teachers are good campaign?

    Btw, as you probably already know, the Red Tuesday thing you guys started in FL is becoming a nationwide weekly action. That certainly starts before March.