Thursday, January 27, 2011

School Lunch Giant Sodexo Guilty of Gross Labor Violations

SEIU Local 1 Protesting Sodexo
School Lunch giant Sodexo is guilty of gross wage, health and safety violations for its employees, according to reports by Trans Africa Forum and Human Rights Watch. Employees in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guinea, Morocco and the U.S. suffer poverty wages, high rates of workplace injuries, and risk of dismissal for union organizing. In Colombia, Sodexo served contaminated food to its own employees, giving 60 of them food poisoning.

Sodexo, with 380,000 employees in 80 countries, portrays itself as one of the most ethical multinational firms out there, a meaningless piece of propaganda when one considers that the entire purpose of being multinational is to take advantage of the lowest wages, weakest health and safety regulations, and lowest tax rates. There are no “ethical” multinational firms.

Students and SEIU Local 1 Protesting Sodexo
The SEIU has been engaged in a long-running battle to unionize at Sodexo’s U.S. facilities. Sodexo has responded by firing organizers and interfering with the union election process. In Columbia, the company has threatened employees for union activities. In Columbia and many third world countries, unionists also risk physical assault, torture and death by paramilitaries and death squads for their union activities.

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