Monday, February 28, 2011

Endorsement by Solidarnosc is a Kiss of Death

Poland’s Soldidarnosc (Solidarity) has expressed its support for Wisconsin’s public sector workers and the left is wetting itself in excitement, apparently forgetting (or not giving a damn) about Solidarnosc’s sordid past (and present). This past included support from Albert Shanker who, like Solidarnosc, was a staunch anti-communist crusader and suppressor of worker power. It should be no surprise that Solidarnosc is returning the favor now, perhaps hoping to ensure that worker outrage in the Midwest does not evolve into communism or spread to Poland.

An indication of Solidarnosc’s true affiliations should have been clear from the behavior of its most famous leader, Lech Walesa, who kissed the pope’s hand, befriended Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and ardently embraced free enterprise, ultimately leading to dramatic unemployment and poverty for his union’s members. The organization has had numerous high ranking anti-Semites amongst its members, while Walesa did little to end this tendency. Recently, he endorsed Tea Party candidate Adam Andrzejewski in the Illinois Gubernatorial Primary.

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