Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Union Thug: Challenge My Authority & Feel My Wrath

Zombie Union Boss Eats Its Own (by Mark Merek)
Keith Johnson, Randi Weingarten’s pal in Detroit, ed deform collaborator, and possibly the president of DFT, has filed internal union charges against his rival, Steve Conn, and two other union activists, Heather Miller and Tracy Arneau, in an attempt to quash opposition to his corrupt rule.

Johnson claimed victory in recent Detroit federation of Teachers (DFT) elections for president, despite accusations of vote fraud, and hundreds of uncounted ballots. Steve Conn claims that he won the election by 40 votes and demanded a hand recount, which the union refused, in violation of its own rules. Johnson has also been a key collaborator with the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Financial Manager, Robert Bobb, in privatizing DPS, shutting schools, firing teachers or demoting them to “coaches.”

In related news, DPS custodians and their union, AFSCME Local 347, plan to fight DPS’s plan to privatize facilities operations, with a $43.9 million contract with Sodexo. The Sodexo contract does not guarantee that custodians will be represented by unions. Sodexo has a long history of union busting and paying poverty wages throughout the world, including in the U.S.

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