Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teachers Arrested Protesting Tax Breaks for the Wealthy

"Jackson Potter, a Little Village High School of Social Justice teacher and member of the Chicago Teachers Union, and another woman identified as Amber Smock from ADAPT were both arrested after leading 150 to 200 people -- about half of them teachers -- to march and rush in to Lincoln Park's Grossinger City Cadillac dealership as part of a rally for tax increment financing (TIF) reform." (See Progress Illinois website for the full story).

Solving state and federal budget crises will require lots of actions like this (along with strikes and other job actions), and the courage of people to get arrested (and even face state violence).If not, the budget crises will continue to be used as justification for slashing wages and benefits, gutting social programs and continuing to reward greedy businesses with tax breaks and corporate subsidies.


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