Saturday, September 3, 2011

Duffy's Poison Apple Academy

4LAKids Blog just published a serious of possible logos for AJ Duffy's new Apple Academy Charter School in Los Angeles (For more on Duffy's anti-union about face see AJ Duffy Union Scab). The above logo seemed most apropos to me: The Poison Apple Academy.

Why Poison Apple?

Duffy is a former big city union president who once fought the epidemic of charter schools spreading through LAUSD. Now he wants to jump on that very same gravy train, siphoning even more revenue from the cash-strapped district, so he can try his own hand at Ed Deform favorites like hacking away at tenure and due process. Duffy has even said he would can "bad" teachers within 10 days if he could,

1 comment:

  1. Duffy was talking out of two sides while in office, is that why our union has taken such a beating in the last few years while he was at the helm?