Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nanny State Gone Wild: Kids Better Off On The Streets

Jonathan Hoenig recently said the following on Fox News: “Government, which of course has a monopoly over the public schools, really has become the parent. If the reason for keeping this failed school system is day care, I mean honestly Tracy, believe me, it's cheaper for you to hire a baby sitter for your kids, than to fund this union dominated school system.” When his fellow right wing nuts challenged him, he went on: “They're not learning in the public schools. You want to keep them there more... an extra day? They'd do better on the streets!”

(Click here to see the clip)

Fact checking:
  • A baby sitter at $10/hour would cost parents $1400 per month per child, about the same as an expensive San Francisco day care.
  • A baby sitter with 30 kids at $10/hour/kid would earn $42,000 per month, which is close to what many teachers earn in an entire year.
  • Drawn out over the course of a 9-month school year, this would yield a salary of $378,000, which might actually be a fair salary, considering how difficult and important the job is.
  • If Unions really dominated the school system, teachers might actually earn 6-figures, instead of having to take summer jobs and continuing to live with roommates into their 30s and 40s.

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