Thursday, September 15, 2011

UC Plans to Raise Tuition 16%

The University of California is now considering annual tuition increases of 8% to 16% over the next four years, according to the Los Angeles Times, which could bring the annual fee to $22,068 for the 2015-16 school year.

UC officials said that the plan would help families plan more realistically, by which they meant to say that middle class families should consider second and third mortgages, as soon as the banks start lending again, while the working class and poor should give up all hope of ever sending their kids to UC.

The UC budget for this year will be $650 million less than last year. Even if state funds rise by 8% annually, regents say that tuition increases will still increase to $16,596 over the next four years, and this does not even include campus fees or room and board, which can more than double the total annual costs to students. If state funding only grows by 4%, tuition would increase to $19,188 by 2015-16.

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