Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gay Student Punished For Supporting Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Legalized in DC; Oral Roberts Drops Dead (Mike Licht,

A student at Fullerton Union High School, near Los Angeles, who was taking part in their “Mr. Fullerton” competition, was asked by the judges what he hoped for in the future. When he replied that he hoped to find a partner and get married if gay marriage were legal, his assistant principal pulled him off the stage.

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District officials criticized the assistant principal this week because the "matter was not handled appropriately." According to the Los Angeles Times, Superintendent George J. Giokaris said that the "matter should have been handled privately."

The “matter,” of course, was coming out publicly and condoning gay marriage, which apparently are forbidden in Fullerton. The district seemingly has no problem with disciplining a child for such transgressions, so long as it isn’t done publicly.

Later this week, after receiving the student’s consent, the assistant principal made a public apology to the student and acknowledged that he had handled the situation inappropriately. However, it is not clear whether the AP said anything in the public address about the legitimacy of gay love and relationships or apologized for his or her homophobia.

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