Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is News? Fox Calls Nazis a "Civil Rights" Group

Jennifer Bisram, reporting for an Orlando, Florida-based Fox New affiliate, called the National Socialist movement a “civil rights organization,” according to the Daily Kos. The National Socialist movement is the largest Nazi organization in the U.S. and is a direct descendent of the American Nazi Party. The group is active in Sanford, Florida, where African American teenager, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed by vigilante George Zimmerman. The Nazis say they have responded to several calls by white residents of Sanford who say they fear for their lives.

Balanced reporting? 

Fox News likes to portray itself as the epitome of fair and balanced news coverage. However, it can hardly be considered fair, balanced or even remotely accurate to consider a white supremacist organization a civil rights organization. The National Socialist movement is exactly the opposite. Its entire reason for existing is to deny civil rights to people of color, women, homosexuals and non-Christians. 

Also, just because white supremacist group coddles a few Florida whiteys with an irrational fear of black people doesn't make them a civil rights group.

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