Friday, April 13, 2012

Today in Labor History--April 13

April 13, 1892 – The Johnson County War was fought between Wyoming homesteaders and an army of mercenaries hired by cattle interests out to monopolize Wyoming land for their own private profit. The war was ended when the US Cavalry rescued the rancher's troops from the settler's dynamite-laden wagon, dubbed the "Ark of Vengeance."  (From The Daily Bleed)
April 13, 1894 - The Great Northern rail strike began in Helena, Montana, spreading to St. Paul within a few days. The strike was led Eugene V. Debs, president of the American Railway Union, and succeeded in shutting down critical rail links, resulting in a settlement giving in to nearly all of the union’s demands. The successful strike led to thousands of rail workers joining the new union.
Eugene V. Debs Run for Office from Prison (Library of Congress)
 April 13, 1919Eugene Debs was imprisoned for his opposition to World War One. Despite being in prison, he still received over one million votes for President in 1920. (From The Daily Bleed)

April 13, 1919 – The military attempted a coup against the Bavarian Republic of the Workers Councils. Anarchists led a successful counter attack. (From The Daily Bleed)

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