Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today in Labor History: April 22

April 22, 1526 –The first known slave revolt in American occurred, just eight years after the first slaves were brought from Africa to the Americas. (From the Daily Bleed)

(From the Daily Bleed)
April 22, 1897 – The anarchist Pietro Acciarito attempted to stab the king of Italy in Rome. Acciarito was convicted and sentenced on May 28 to life in prison. (From the Daily Bleed)

April 22, 1938 –The Red Jacket Mine Explosion occurred on Keen Mountain, Virginia, killing 45 men. (From the Daily Bleed)

April 22, 1944 – 200 African-Americans began a sit-in that resulted in the desegregation of restaurants in Washington, D.C. (From the Daily Bleed)

April 22, 1952 – The first U.S. atmospheric nuclear bomb test occurred at Yucca Flat, Nevada. The test was observed by U.S. marines who were used as human guinea pigs to test the effects of radiation on humans. (From the Daily Bleed)

April 22, 1972 – 50,000 people marched in New York City against the wars in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Another 30,000 marched in San Francisco. (From the Daily Bleed)

April 22, 1996 – Nonviolent activists Tom & Donna Howard-Hastings cut down three power poles in Clam Lake, Wisconsin, preventing the launch of the U.S. Navy's first-strike nuclear submarine. (From the Daily Bleed)

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