Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today in Labor History—August 1

Frank Little, IWW Organizer
August 1, 1917 – IWW organizer Frank Little was lynched in Butte, Montana. Little, a Native American, was kidnapped from his home by six Anaconda Copper Company thugs, dragged by a car and hanged from a railroad trestle. (From Workday Minnesota)

Striking miners display a bomb dropped by anti-union sheriff Don Chafin
August 1, 1921 – Sheriff Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers were murdered by Baldwin-Feltz private cops their part in the Matewan labor battle in 1920, when two Feltz family thugs were killed by Hatfield and his deputies. They were executed on the Welch County court house steps in front of their wives. This led to the Battle of Blair Mountain, where 20,000 coal miners marched to the anti-union stronghold Logan County to overthrow Sheriff Dan Chaffin, the coal company tyrant who murdered miners with impunity. The Battle of Blair Mountain started in September 1921. Coal company thugs dropped bombs on the miners from planes on September 2. (From the Daily Bleed)

August 1, 1938 - Police opened fire on 200 unarmed trade unionists protesting the unloading of a ship in Hilo Harbor, on the Big Island of Hawaii, in what became known as "the Hilo Massacre." The protest was in support of striking waterfront workers. 50 workers were injured. Police also used tear gas and bayonets. (From Workday Minnesota and the Daily Bleed)

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