Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today in Labor History—August 25

August 25, 1775 – Two thousand Liverpool seamen ignored the reading of the Riot Act to free nine of their fellow workers who had been imprisoned for wrecking a ship after being paid short wages. Workers de-rigged all ships in port, making them unable to sail and levied money from local merchants. Aften several demonstrators were killed at the Liverpool Exchange, they raided warehouses and gunsmiths for arms and seized two cannons from a whaling vessel. (From the Daily bleed)
Allan Pinkerton, Workers Enemy #1

August 25, 1819 – Allen Pinkerton was born, founder of the Pinkerton private police force, whose strike breaking detectives (Pinkertons, or 'Pinks') gave us the word 'fink' as they slaughtered dozens of workers in various labor struggles. (From the Daily bleed)

August 25, 1921 – West Virginia Governor Morgan asked President Warren Harding for Federal troops and military aircraft to suppress the United Mine Workers’ militant actions.
(From the Daily bleed)
A. Phillip Randolph, 1942
 August 25, 1925 -- African American labor organizer A. Phillip Randolph founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. (From the Daily bleed)

August 25, 1937 – The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters signed its first contract with Pullman.
(From the Daily bleed)

August 25, 1950 –President Harry Truman ordered the U.S. Army to seize all the nation's railroads to prevent a General Strike. The railroads were kept under federal control for two years. (From the Daily bleed)

August 25, 1968 – The Battle of Lincoln Park occurred during the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Roughly 10,000 demonstrators battled approximately 11,000 riot police, 6,000 National Guard, 7,500 US army troops and 1,000 FBI, CIA & army/navy intelligence services agents. (From the Daily bleed)

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