Friday, December 31, 2010

Hubris, or Just Plain Stupidity?

UC Berkeley Law Dean Christopher Edley, one of the 36 highest paid UC executives who threatened to sue UC if they didn’t pay out increased retirement benefits, was quoted today in the SF Chronicle saying that UC had to stick to its promise because it was financially important to his family.

It is understandable that one would try to appeal to the sympathy and understanding of the masses, especially if one was truly suffering. But it’s just plain stupid to think that the masses have any sympathy and understanding for another greedy rich guy (or even his family). Who cares if he has to retire on a paltry $180,000 per year instead of $300,000? In any case, who really believes that his pension is the only thing between his him and the poor house? What about all his property and investments?

What about the other promises that UC broke, like their promise to keep university costs affordable to working Californians, a promise broken in order to pay for increased executive pay?

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