Saturday, December 25, 2010

Older Americans Are Sabotaging Our Children's Future

Older Americans are sabotaging young people's future, according to YouthFacts author, Mike Males. Youth today express for greater tolerance and community ideals than their parents and grandparents generations, while older Americans exhibit increasing racial and religious bigotry, material selfishness, drug abuse and criminality.

  • Take the issue of gay rights, for example, where 18-29 year-olds in Alabama are more supportive of gay marriage than seniors in Massachusetts.
  • Or mixed marriages, where only 36% of whites over the age of 65 would be o.k. with a family member marrying a person of a different ethnicity (compared to almost 100% support by those born after 1980).
  • Or greed, where 60% of seniors oppose slower growth in their retirement benefits in order to avoid higher taxes for younger generations
  • Or misbehavior, where Americans over the age of 45 abuse drugs and commit crimes at a higher rate than any generation ever, according to FBI crime statistics

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