Sunday, January 2, 2011

California Now Requires Whooping Cough Vaccines

More crazy news from crazy California: We're now going to require kids to be vaccinated against whooping cough before allowing them to come to school and infect their peers and teachers. That this wasn't already law is probably news to many. The question is: Will the middle class mommies who erroneously believe that vaccines give their babies autism and other horrible diseases choose to quit work and home school their kids?

This from SF K Files blog:
California teens need to be up to date on their whooping cough shots before starting classes next fall in order to be in compliance with a new law.

The statute requires all middle and high school students to be vaccinated against the highly infectious disease, also known as pertussis, prior to the school year that starts in the fall of 2011.
State public health medical officer Dr. Eileen Yamada says students in public and private schools will need to show proof of a TDAP booster shot before starting school.

"They really will need documentation to get into school, so it's very important to plan ahead, make appointments now, and keep student immunization record in a safe place," said Yamada.
Parents should scrutinize medical records to make sure their children got the TDAP vaccine, which covers pertussis, and not just the TD vaccine.
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