Saturday, January 15, 2011

California Schools Will NOT Spared

Jerry Brown claims that schools will be sparred the budget axe for 2011-2012, saying that they will be funded at the same level as 2010-11. One problem with this is that schools were given $49.6 billion last year, plus an additional $1.8 billion in one-time funds. However, the $1.8 billion was deferred until 2011 Schools therefore should get $51.4 billion next year. However, school lobbyists recommended not spending the money, because Brown could easily defer it again. Because of declining tax revenues, schools in 2011-2012 are projected to only get $47.3. Brown wants to provide another $2 billion, but only if voters approve income tax increases on themselves.$49.3 billion, over $1 billion less than they were promised, but not given, last year. Schools say they need another $2 billion so they can spend the $51.4 billion promised for this school year. Brown says they'll get the additional money, but the Department of Finance says it will only be $400 million. The Legislative Analyst's Office said that Brown had to add the full $2 billion or make education cuts.

Bottom line: Education is going to get slashed next year, over and above the $2 billion lost from declining tax revenues.

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